Unhappy Holidays Solution

The title and the holiday theme should remind people of Google Holiday Logos , AKA "Google Doodles". Each description identifies one of these logos, and, more specifically, one letter of the word "Google" in the logo (hence the "doodle on the letters" reference in the flavor text.) These letters must be Caesar shifted ahead in the alphabet by the dates on which the logos were displayed ("day shift").

description date letter day shift FINAL
Cupid 2/14/2000 G 14 U
A double helix 4/25/2003 O 25 N
Liberty Bell 7/4/2005 O 4 S
Chitoseame bag 11/15/2000 L 15 A
A young bear in overalls 6/17/2001 O 17 F
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/16/2006 O 16 E
Saint George 4/23/2002 G 23 D
The Guggenheim 6/8/2005 G 8 O
An alien abduction 9/5/2009 O 5 T
A treble clef 1/27/2006 G 27 H
A musical chord 6/8/2010 L 8 T
A snake's head 1/24/2001 O 24 M
Ray Charles 9/23/2004 O 23 L

The solution is UNSAFE DOT HTML, which indicates a web page: "unsafe.html". Append this to the address (URL) of the puzzle page (either "http://www.puzzledpint.com/puzzle_december_2010/" or just "http://www.puzzledpint.com/") and you'll be taken to a "solved" page:


After 10 seconds, that page redirects to the web site of the location: JINX LOUNGE.

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