August 2010 - Don't Panic

Milliways is known throughout the galaxy as a great place to get a meal while watching the universe end all around you. Five friends, Beeblebrox, Dent, Marvin, Prefect, and Trillian stopped by to grab a bite. Each brought with them an essential travel item (face flannel, gnat spray, a space suit, a towel and wet weather gear), ordered a different dish (fairy cake, flank steak, Ameglian Major Cow, peanuts, and sandwiches), and ordered a different drink (Gargleblaster, Gee-N-N-T’N-ix, Jinond-o-nicks, Jynnantonnyx, and a drink from the Nutri-matic). Can you deduce from the given clues which friend ordered which meal and drink, brought which item, and the order in which they arrived at Milliways?

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The complete solution to this puzzle will lead you to the bar. If you get stuck you can call the Puzzled Pint Helpline at {{site.hotline_number}} after 5pm for help.

We will be at the bar from 6-9pm where we will have more puzzles for you.

Have fun and see you at the bar!

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Numbers are sometimes used for indexing letters. Indexing the number 5 into the word PETUNIA produces the 5th letter, N.