Puzzled Pint - The Prisoner - Hints and Answers

Location - Welcome To Your Home From Home

  1. It's a word search: scratch out the deer names that are strung together in the line at the bottom
  2. Partial Answers: Word BankThe deer are: sika, marsh, red, fallow, mule, rusa, rein, tufted, roe, and brocket
  3. Read the remaining letters not used by words in the bank
  4. ANSWERCome to the Green Dome


  1. the number of slots at the top of the switchboard wiring diagram is equal to the number of digits in the “international phone number” provided
  2. the funnel lines below the slots imply that what goes into each of the eight empty boxes is determined by three digits above
  3. each three digit set has a five in the middle, just like the phone pad shown, where all digits also connect to the five in the center
  4. each three digit set makes semaphore on the phone pad
  5. the eight letters for the empty boxes are: o, s, n, l, l, a, c, y
  6. follow the cables to populate the final message with those letters, sometimes in more than one place
  7. ANSWERlocal calls only

walk on the grass

  1. each sentence describes a number in some way
  2. the number is an index for that sentence – count in that number of letters to get the letter for that sentence
  3. Useful Idioms (partial answers)
    There are 7 Deadly Sins
    Snow White knows 7 dwarves
    2's Company, but 3's a crowd
    There are 3 Blind Mice in the famous children's song
    If you're "living on cloud 9", you're very happy
    The old addage about proactivity is "a stitch in time saves 9"
    Cats are said to have 9 lives, so how many ressurections is that?
    Due to standard burial depth, dead people are said to be "6 feet under"
    Finding a 4-leafed clover is said to bring good luck
  4. ANSWERI have nothing to say

a still tongue...

  1. start at the upper left circle with “hook” and “crook” and think about what these words share, do not share, and how this relates to the bottom image in their circle
  2. in each circle, upper right words have five letters; upper left and bottom words have four; remove letters that the upper words have in common, and the remaining three, plus one you must add, make a word that describes the bottom image; e.g. Hook – CRook + I = RICH
  3. use solved circles to tell you what words to use for pictures in unsolved circles and continue the process for all the circles; e.g., when you solve Hook – Crook = RICH, look for the other circle with the RICH picture in the upper left and solve that one next, and so on
  4. Row 1 Pictures
    Hook, Crook, Rich
    Trap, Earth, Hemp
    Tuna, Acute, Cane
  5. Row 2 Pictures
    Tail, Liter, Fear
    Hemp, Peach, Camo
    Cane, Ranch, Hero
    Rich, Chart, Tail
  6. Row 3 Pictures
    Camo, March, Horn
    Hero, Store, Shot
    Fear, Ferry, Tray
  7. Row 4 Pictures
    Horn, Phone, Pear
    Shot, Chest, Core
    Tray, Party, Trap
    Pear, Prune, Tuna
  8. look at the letters you need to add to make bottom words, reading left to right, top to bottom
  9. ANSWERI'm a fool, not a rat


  1. the “what” questions are in pairs – connected by “and” – where both have the same seven-letter answer
  2. Partial Answer: All 15 answerssoluble, nosejob, inquiry, sidearm, inertia, station, saffron, diamond, exhaust, cricket, bishops, capital, burning, affairs, incense
  3. the letters in the circles spell, left to right, top to bottom, the word “squares”
  4. mark all letters tagged with a number that’s a perfect square
  5. the marked “square” letters string along in the shape of a question mark – read these letters along the direction of writing that mark
  6. ANSWERIs insoluable by man or machine

Meta - The Tally Ho

  1. Follow the example, filling in the 3 choices for each shape into the boxes.
  2. Each letter of the answer's blanks are a choice of three, find English words and figure out where the spaces are to solve this
  3. ANSWERAnd So You Are Free To Go

BONUS - humor...

  1. All the quotes are slightly wrong
  2. fix the incorrect word in each quote, then read the correct words from top to bottom, and do the same with the incorrect words
  3. correct wordsI got your number I need to make you mine Jenny
  4. incorrect wordswhite letters case sensitive phone number indicates which used for Gramogram
  5. left blanksthe Jenny quote implies the phone number: 8 7 6 5 3 0 9
  6. each quote has a white letter on black – instead of writing the phone number, write the case sensitive white letter from the quote of that number; e.g., instead of “eight” write a capital B because quote number eight highlights that letter
  7. center blankson the underscores at the bottom, you get the gramogram: BeC-ingU
  8. ANSWERBe seeing you

a still tongue...