Puzzled Pint - Dracula - Hints and Answers

Location - What Music They Make

  1. You might not be able to recognize all the artists, but have you tried googling the quotes?
  2. "Use their testimony" is a clue to mean you need to use the name of the song. The list of songs is the next hint.
  3. Partial AnswersThe songs are:
    Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost
    If I Was Your Vampire
    Temptation Waits
    We Hunger
    Bullet with Butterfly Wings
    Monster Mash
  4. 5-1 is a book cipher code telling you use the 5th word, 1st letter of that song. Do that for each song's cipher code
  5. ANSWERHe Capers

1. They Had Character

  1. Your first task is to fill in the blanks according to the crossword-style clues in brackets in each article. "fill in the gaps" is a hint for how to find/know the right answers since some of the clues are vague
  2. "fill in the gaps" is a hint that all answers can be formed by starting with the character's name and adding letters
  3. Partial Answers: Van Helsing
  4. Partial Answers: Morris
  5. Partial Answers: Murray
  6. Partial Answers: Harker
  7. Partial Answers: Westerna
  8. Partial Answers: Seward
  9. Partial Answers: Holmwood
  10. Partial Answers: Renfield
  11. for the next step, note how the the puzzle is in columns? Maybe certain letters from each column will help.
  12. "rearrangement" means you'll need to anagram, but doing all the letters won't help, which ones might you use?
  13. "anatomy" is only partially italicised. NATO is a clue that you need to rearrange the letters you filled in into NATO alphabet words.
  14. ANSWERWaxy

2. He Likes It Rare

  1. These are crossword style clues, but the numbers won't help you know where to place words. Maybe the blood drops will help with that?
  2. If you count everything, you'll find 15 words in column 1, 15 words in column 2 and 15 sets of answer blanks. How can two clues combine into just one set of answer blanks?
  3. The title is a clue for how to interpret the blood drops
  4. Each blood drop is a stand-in for the two letters AB (which is the rarest blood type)
  5. Each clue in the left column is a word containing AB.
  6. Each clue in the right column is an answer from the left column with the AB removed.
  7. Partial Answers: Grid Answers
    abuses - uses
    aboil - oil
    habit - hit
    ablate - late
    abash - ash
    viable - vile
    rabid - rid
    taboo - too
    absolve - solve
    abduct - duct
    baboon - boon
    abate - ate
    abstain - stain
    baby - by
    abides - ides
  8. Fit the words into the grid,according to the blood drops, and read the numbered letters out in order
  9. ANSWERBlood Test

3. Night Class

  1. Your task is to the solve the rebus puzzles to get items that might be used to kill vampires.
    These are a very simple form of rebus where you just need to identify the images and manipulate the result word by adding or removing letters as shown.
    You may need to use homophones of the images.
  2. You'll note that you have 7 left hand pieces, 7 right hand pieces and only 2 middle pieces. This goes along with the 7 clue locations.
  3. Partial Answer: Left PiecesFlame, Glaric, Sun, Picket, Bat, Silver, Holy
  4. Partial Answer: Middle PiecesFence, Letter
  5. Partial Answer: Right PiecesBreath, Water, Spray, Post, Lamp, Thrower, Opener
  6. Partial Answer: Combined Words Holy Watergun, Garlic Breath, Sun Lamp, Silver Letter Opener, Picket Fence Post, Flamethrower, Bat Spray
  7. You've combined the words, try combining the numbers too to get an index for your final letters
  8. ANSWERGravely

4. His Precious Earth

  1. Your first step is to find the boxes by solving the logic puzzle. For example, you know that you need to fill in the top left space, because there are four rocks in the top-left cairn, thus all four available spaces must be filled.
  2. Partial Answer: Box LocationsThe box positions are highlighted in grey.
  3. The flavortext has a hint on how to interpret the box locations you found.
  4. "can't see very well" is hinting you need to use Braille to decode the box locations
  5. Partial AnswerThe box locations decode to say "EVERY FIFTH WORD".
  6. You'll want to look at every 5th word of Dracula's note
  7. Partial AnswerHis note hides the secret message: Fill in bordered areas with wolves to reveal three letters of the same kind.
  8. The instructions means to fully darken all squares of any 2x3 area that has a wolf.
  9. Now you have another set of 3 2x3 areas, so decode Braille one more time.

Meta - Fangs for Nothing

  1. Follow the instructions for each section by taking your puzzle answer (as matched up by symbol from the answer sheet) and manipulating it several times.
    This will give you one of the words for the final answer.
    Fill in the answer blanks on the answer sheet as you find each section's word
  2. Partial Answer: Word 1 WAXY - WAX = Y
    Y -> WHY
    WHY -> THY
    THY -> THE (Stake is the feared object)
  3. Partial Answer: Word 2 BLOOD TEST -> TEST
    TEST -> TEAT (S is the chemical symbol for Sulpher, Boss Wolf = Alpha = NATO for A)
    TEAT -> DEAD (D is 500 in roman numerals)
  4. Partial Answer: Word 3 GRAVELY -> GRAVEL
    RAVEL -> TRAVEL (A crucifix resembles a T)
  5. Partial Answer: Word 4 SUN -> FUN (Eyeteeth are Fangs)
    FUN -> FAN (Bat innards means the middle letter of BAT, which is A)
    FAN -> FAST (N is the chemical symbol for Nitrogen, and a virtuous person is a Saint (abbreviated ST)

BONUS - Stab Bats!

  1. The title is a palindrome, which is hinting that reversing words is key
  2. You'll notice some of the paragraphs have perfect reflections like (Flow and Wolf).
    These are the human you can ignore. What about imperfect reflections?
  3. The reflected word (imperfect or perfect) is always the last word in the paragraph.
  4. Partial Answer: Humans flow/wolf, avid, diva, span/naps, stressed/desserts, Dracula/Alucard
  5. Partial Answer: Vampires liver/evil, gate/tag, dare/era, root/too, unit/tin, tram/art
  6. take the letters from the imperfect reflections to get your final answer
  7. ANSWERRED RUM (which is murder backwards)


  1. Your goal is to find a path from the upper right (Spider) to the the exit of the maze
  2. Your path will need to go from one adjacent picture to another in any direction, including diagonally
  3. Look to the image for a visual hint on which direction to go
  4. Partial Answer: Correct path Spider, Umbrella, Pizza, Eye, Rocket, Star, Turtle, Iron, Telescope, Ice Cream Cone, Owl, Unicycle, Sun, Mask, Island, Net, Door (which is your exit from the maze)
  5. Take the first letter of each answer to get the final answer