February 2018 - Stargate

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  1. Each piece has one member from 4 different ordered lists.
  2. The lists are Famous Scientists, Elements of the Periodic Table, Stars Near Earth, Pharohs of Egypt.
  3. List are order by Birthdate, Atomic Number, Distance from Earth and Reign

01 - Abydos

  1. The dots are arrange very specifically such that you can create 7 straight lines
  2. Use the 7 glyphs on the second page. Notice that they show up twice.
  3. The pairs are semaphore
  4. Use number of dots in the lines created in step one to determine letter placement
  5. Pyramid


  1. Create the single path from the start to end with the pieces.
  2. What is left?
  3. BOOM

03-Searching for Artifacts

  1. Shaded letters are the first letter of each answer
  2. Ascend, Glyph, Jumper, Daedalus, Embarkation, Aurora, Atalantis, Chevron, Anubis
  3. What do you have left over?
  4. Zero Point Module

04 - Thirteeen Steps to Victory

  1. You must use the other puzzles to solve!
  2. Place the puzzle answers in one of the grids
  3. Translate the ancient into another grid and then convert to letters some how
  4. The coversion is based on the puzzle the matching answer in the grid location is from.
  5. The first set, use Abyods and count around the 1st page stargate then put the symbol into the grid like you did when you originally solved that puzzle
  6. Second set use P3X-179 and use the grid coordinates
  7. Thrid set use Artifact
  8. It seems like there are errors? Or are those relevant? This grid is so nicely laid out for a certain encoding that use 2*3 blocks
  9. Using braille, use only the blocks where the letters match both the puzzle answers and the ancient translations
  10. THE ORI