August 2017 - Destiny

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Location - HIVE

  1. The black squares on the answer sheet represent “DARK”
  2. The shape of the puzzle counts as an image
  3. The answer is a 4-word phrase


  1. Numbers tell you which letters to extract from the word represented by the other 3 clues in the nine center 2x2s
  2. Read the extracted letters in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order as you encounter them in the grid
  3. CLUE PHRASE: The resulting clue phrase refers to position, not meaning
  4. CLUE PHRASE: Aside from the corners, you haven’t used the outer edges yet.
  5. The final answer is six letters long


  1. WHAT DO I DO? Each grid contains five thematically-linked words, each formed from one square from each column.
  2. SOMETHING’S NOT WORKING: OK, I lied. One of the words skips a column
  3. EXTRACTION: Read the skipped squares in order, left to right, top to bottom
  4. FRISK


  1. Each answer is the title of a song


  1. Exactly one letter is changed from the first word to the second
  2. Two word fragments at the bottom, plus another letter, can be combined for each answer,
  3. EXTRACTION: Read the changed letters in the second word
  4. DEED


  1. The flavortext is very instructive.
  2. In each grid, a word or 2-word phrase can be spelled out, Boggle-style.
  3. I’VE GOT THE WORDS, NOW WHAT? Did you draw the paths?
  4. OK, I DID THAT, NOW WHAT? Every path is used exactly twice, in two different grids. That seems interesting.
  5. JUST TELL ME! In grids that use the same path, exactly one letter is in the same position in both grids (and both words).
  6. THIS ISN’T AN ANAGRAM, IS IT? No. Read the letters in position order (either word position or grid position)
  7. SLY

Meta - The Traveler

  1. The flavortext is essential
  2. The important words in the flavortext are LIGHT and IN-FUSES.
  3. You can insert the word LIGHT into each answer to make a new word or phrase. Those will fit into the blanks.