May 2021 - Steven Universe

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LOCATION - Lapis Lazuli's Waterworks

  1. Focus on the "O" sections first then the "L" sections.
  2. Each region that is created should look like something familiar.
  3. Each section is a letter.

Amethyst's Snack Time

  1. The shape is on the outside and the snack is in the inside of the word but one letter is dropped from the snack.
  2. For example the first image is MOOSE + SONG = M[(S]ONG)OOSE = MONGOOSE when dropping the "S"
  3. You should get the phrase "SIXTH SHAPE" which equals "HEAD" for the final answer.

Garnet's Future Vision

  1. Each answer for the 32 clues is a four-letter word.
  2. You should be able to place all those answers in the forking diagrams.
  3. Notice that one of each the diagrams' bolded blocks spells GOLD.
  4. The opposite bold block gives you the translation of "CARS".

Pearl's Cross-Sword Puzzle

  1. If there isn't enough space for a word (four letters or more) to extend from one direction of a cross handle, then that direction must instead contain a one-square extension of the handle. Be sure to draw that handle in since it may block the potential placements of words extending from other cross handles, creating a cascading effect.
  2. If you determine where a word must be placed, and a letter from that word ends up adjacent to a different cross-handle, then that different cross-handle must have its word/blade extend in that direction and the other three directions from that cross-handle must be handle extensions.
  3. The intersections are important.
  4. The letters at the intersections of swords spells "READ UPWARD" for the first grid and "POINTING TIPS" for the second one.
  5. The tips of the pointing up swords spell "COUNTRY".

Steven's Musical Adventures

  1. The grid is TOP ROW: Car Wash, Big Donut, Crystal Temple. SECOND ROW: Residential, Fish Stew Pizza. THIRD ROW: Funland Park, Funland Aracde
  2. Notice that the parentheticals correspond to the musical names above?
  3. Take each music piece and trace your steps where the note matches the location's musical note name - does it seem like something?
  4. The tracing spells letters that give you "TYPE".

Meta - Fusions

  1. Here is another example of a fusion - > BREAKFAST + LUNCH = BRUNCH.
  2. SMOKE + FOG = SMOG.

Bonus - Broken Gems

  1. Each line represents a simple crossword-style clue for a word. However, each word has had a transformation applied to it, with the same transformation applied to each word in the same line. Solver must figure out the original words in the clue, reverse the transformations, solve the clue then re-apply the same transformation to the solution word for the clue. This will result in the name of a gem.
  2. If you are stuck on any of the extractions, look at the solutions PDF for help.