April 2022 - Miyazaki

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  1. Fill in as many answers as you know. Don't be afraid to ask your friends!
  2. The circled letters provide the answer.

Kiki's Delivery Supply Chain

  1. Each trip is exactly two legs.
  2. Did you notice the bold text in the introduction?
  3. Know any communication methods that involve signaling?
  4. Each delivery creates a semaphore-like pattern. Translate the semaphores to get the answer.


  1. This puzzle is known as a 橋をかけろ (hashiwokakero), or "Hashi" puzzle.
  2. Use pigeonholing/process of elimination. In addition to the start/finish, try also solving for higher-numbered islands first.
  3. Did you notice the bold text in the introduction?
  4. Read the letters from finish to start.

Howl's Moving Mess

  1. The initial goal is to identify which rooms were cleaned and which were not.
  2. Start with the study and the first closet, these rooms are explicitly said to be cleaned in the clues.
  3. The fifth clue mentions that the North wall has more dirty squares than clean squares.
  4. That means that if the Study and (top) Closet are clean, all the other squares must be dirty.
  5. Since the north Bath is dirty, the other must be clean.
  6. Did you notice the bold text in the introduction?
  7. The house rooms can be visualized as a 3x3 grid of 3x2 blocks
  8. Knowing that these are Braille letters, we know that there must be at least one filled value at the top of each "character".
  9. This means that the four Southernmost closets must be dirty (because the third must be dirty).
  10. This also means that the rectangular Bedroom must be dirty (since it occupies the top row of the 8th letter.

Princess Monono-K

  1. This puzzle involves a word transformed by adding a chemical element to create a new word.
  2. As an example, "CAT becomes clothes to keep you warm" - CAT plus OS gives COATS
  3. PARTIAL SOLVE: The resulting word for each line is as follows: Chooser, Costume, Bizarre, Leek, Sneaky, Craft, Granite, Bonfire, Outage, Vowel, Barons
  4. PARTIAL SOLVE: The added element for each line is as follows: Cobalt, Technetium, Iridium, Potassium, Yttrium, Californium, Sodium, Iron, Europium, Tungsten, Tin
  5. The number of shots is an index value.
  6. Index the letters in the elements.


  1. Have you played the wildly popular sensation Wordle?
  2. Each mechanism is six letters long.
  3. The letters in the circles/squares are present in each mechanism answer.
  4. The letters in the squares are in the correct position in the mechanism answer.
  5. PARTIAL SOLVE: The four mechanism words are SECRET, ANSWER, TINIER, COSTAR.
  6. Place the mechanism answers on each line on the last page.
  7. Rotate the mechanism wheels, matching the shapes between the reels, and a solution will present itself.


  1. Each pair of clues when put together will contain an additional word in the middle.
  2. That additional word is the name of a unit of currency.
  3. If you need some inspiration, the images of the coins on the left can help you rule things out.
  4. Once you have identified all the currency, use the numbers on the left to index into a specific letter.